Frequently Asked Questions & Help

Who do you sell to / can I buy from you?

Weldspares sells to resellers only. So as long as you sell the product on you can purchase any of our welding, safety products, workwear or tools.  You'll need to apply for an account here.
As part of that process we may need to confirm your reseller status.

How Do I Buy?

Once your account is open simply login and your unique pricing (and product availability) will be visible against all products. You can use your quick order dashboard or browse the entire range in more detail using the category browser and search at the top of all pages.  
Simply add to your basket and checkout. Depending on your order value and products you'll be given a choice of delivery & payment methods. 

How Do I update My details?

See our address help here

How Do I Pay?

If you are approved for both a distributor account and a credit account then you'll potentially be presented with 3 options at checkout

- Paypal Express - If you have an paypal account you can pay simply with that

- Credit Card - We accept most payment cards on our secure server. You can also store your card for future use in Braintrees card Vault

- Credit Account - If your available balance is sufficient to cover the entire order (including VAT and any carriage charges) then simply enter your Purchase Order number here

When will I get my goods?

All orders are shipped using 24 hour carriers to be delivered on their Expected Dates.  It's important to note that some parts of your order may ship on different days.

As you add items to your basket you will get a specific Expected Delivery date per item. See here for more on this:

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